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Focus WT Weight Gain Supplement for Horses 3.5lb

$34.95 available on subscription

An effective nutritional aid specifically formulated to help those horses who have difficulty gaining weight, or maintaining weight while under stress. Contains generous levels of beneficial bacteria and live yeast to aid in digestion and metabolism along with sound nutrition.

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Focus WT equine weight gain supplement from Source Inc. helps optimize digestion, efficient use of feed, and support weight gain or maintenance.

Certain horses seem to need more than good feed management and parasite control to gain weight or maintain it under stress.

Focus WT powder supplement is ideal for horses under stress and hard keepers. Provides a broad spectrum of nutrients, including digestive enzymes, beneficial microbes, B-complex vitamins, chelated minerals and SOURCE micronutrients.

Directions: 1.5 oz per 1,000 lbs body weight daily. Scoop enclosed. 3.5 lbs = 37 day supply.


Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 6 in

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