If you have stopped applying your flea preventative to your cat or dog, you may want to reconsider that. Your dog or cat can still get fleas now and throughout the winter months. Yes, it’s true that cold temperatures kill fleas. If the temperature falls below 37 degrees for ten days consecutively or longer, this should be enough to kill mature fleas and their offspring. The problem, though, is that fleas are very smart and will do everything possible to stay warm and survive. They may cling to a wild animal and lay more eggs to ensure the flea population survives and can potentially thrive later on when the temperatures get warmer. They can also search for warmer spots around them, like a garage or shed, and hide there for a while.


Whether you bring in fleas that are clinging to your clothes and shoes, or your dog or cat accidentally goes into an area where the fleas are hiding, a flea infestation is no easy problem to solve. The first step, of course, is to keep your cat or dog medicated with a vet-approved preventative. At Vet Supply Source, we carry Frontline and other flea treatments for dogs and cats. You can even setup an automated delivery schedule, so you never run out. If you forget to apply the medication one month or the treatment proves to be ineffective for whatever reason, you should act as quickly as possible. For example, you should vacuum all floors and furniture as soon as you notice the fleas to capture as many of them as you can. We would also remind you to empty the vacuum bag in a sealed plastic bag, so they can’t escape the trash. Did we mention that fleas are very smart? You should also wash any clothing, bedding, and drapes that could be potentially infested. Regarding your cat or dog, there are a number flea and tick supplies out there including sprays, shampoos, and collars that may eliminate the problem. However, if your pet is still affected after a few days, you should consider taking him or her to the vet to receive treatment. Fleas can cause a number of adverse health effects, so it is important to take every precaution necessary.