When we think of cat supplies, we often think of treats and toys. But the truth is that there are important supplies that many owners overlook—and the cost could be your cat’s health. Here are the three most important types of cat supplies to have in your house:

#1: A Good Heartworm Preventative – Like dogs, cats are susceptible to infestation by heartworms. Most owners do not realize either how common or how dangerous heartworms are. Heartworms can cause your cat to suffer from serious symptoms including coughing, difficulty breathing, vomiting, and even an irregular heartbeat. And, although cats are more likely than dogs to recover from heartworms, it is still possible for the condition to kill your feline friend. Both indoor and outdoor cats can contract heartworms, though outdoor cats are more likely to get them. Given the seriousness of heartworms, a good prophylaxis (preventative medicine) is among the most important cat supplies to have.

These days, heartworm medication comes in many varieties, with the easiest to administer being a simple chewable tablet that your cat will think is a treat. These options are cheap but effective, and if they are administered on schedule you will never have to worry about heartworms.

#2: A Long-term Flea Preventative – Fleas are perhaps the most common scourge associated with cats, and they can be aggressive. Whether fleas come into your home via an indoor/outdoor cat or get in on their own to attack indoor-only cats, they do a lot more than just make your cat scratch. Fleas will bite the ankles of humans, spread to other pets, and get into upholstery, carpeting, and furniture. It’s best to avoid them from the beginning.

The best way to do that is with a long-term flea cure/preventative like Advantage II for Cats or Frontline. These substances are applied to the skin on the back of a cat’s neck once every 4-6 weeks (read package for exact instructions). The ingredients they contain are harmless to cats, but kill fleas rapidly, ending current infestations and preventing new ones from taking root.

#3: Nutritious Food – Not all at food is created equal, and many of the common store brands are actually not that healthy for cats. Vets know that felines need a variety of nutrients based on their age, and that heavily grain-based food is not good for them. Ask your vet what specific type of food they recommend for your cat and the stick to it. You can stock up on the best brands of cat food and other supplies by purchasing online to save money.

What other supplies do you consider must-haves? Ask your vet which of our brands is right for your cat and browse our selection today!